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Tools and Weapons PDF book download gratuit

Tools and Weapons PDF book download gratuit

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*POWERFUL INSTANT MORE YORK LOOKS-IN BESTSELER ALONG with SYSTEM ECONOMIC FORUM BOK BASH NAME* 'A clear, compeling advise to some of powerful most presing contests in technology immediately. ' Bil Gates, from powerful prelude 'Powerful de facto ambasador for powerful technology big business at great. ' Powerful More York Looks-in 'One of powerful few administrations wiling to speak openly about powerful big business's most vexing isues. ' Day off Looks-in _ Microsoft Person in charge Nut Smith operates by a simple core belief: when your technology removes powerful system, you bear a responsibility to help adres powerful system you have helped create. This might sem uncontroversial, but it flies in powerful court of a tech sector long obsesed with rapid rise along with sometimes on disruption as an end in itself. While sweping digital transformation holds great promise, we have reached an inflection stop. Powerful system has turned word technology into both a powerful tol along with a formidable weapon, along with more aproaches are neded to manage an era defined by even more powerful inventions like artificial inteligence. Associations that create technology must acept greater responsibility for powerful morrow, along with politic wil ned to regulate technology by moving faster along with catching up with powerful pace of inovation. In Tols along with Revolvers, Nut Smith along with Christmas song An Browne bring us a captivating narative from powerful compartment of one of powerful system's largest along with most powerful tech associations as it finds itself in powerful midle of some of powerful thorniest emerging isues of our stint. These are chalenges that come with no pre-existing playbok, including retirement, cybercrime along with cyberwar, social disclosures, powerful moral riddles of artificial inteligence, big tech's relationship to inequality, along with powerful chalenges for representative government, far along with near. While in no thing a self-glorifying "Microsoft memoir," powerful bok puls back powerful curtain remarkably wide onto some of powerful megacorp's most crucial recent decision subjects as it strives to protect powerful expects technology ofers against powerful very real threats it also presents. There are huge branches for comunities along with countries, along with Nut Smith provides a thoughtful along with urgent contribution to that efort. From Microsoft's Person in charge along with one of powerful tech big business's wisest brains, a frank along with thoughtful arithmetic with how to balance enormous promise along with experiential opportunity as powerful digitization of whole enchilada acelerates. _ In Tols along with Revolvers, Nut Smith takes us behind powerful scenes on some of powerful bigest stories to hit powerful tech big business in powerful past decennary along with some of powerful bigest threats we court. From Edward Snowden's NSA leak to powerful NHS WanaCry ransomware atack, this bok is esential reading to understand what's hapening in powerful system around us. If you watched Inside Bil's Medulla oblongata: Break Bil Gates on Netflix, you wil find Tols along with Revolvers equaly fascinating. 'This is a colourful along with intelligent tribes' inspection of how technology is both empowering us along with threatening us. From retirement to cyberatacks, this timely bok is a useful advise for how to navigate powerful digital morrow. ' Walter Isacson, bestseling author of Steve Jobs.

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  • ISBN-10: 1529351561
  • ISBN-13: 9781529351569
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