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Meditations PDF book download gratuit

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Descriere de la o altă ediție sau format:Such is the system which underlies the Ruminations of Marcus Aurelius. Some science of it is necesary to the priority understanding of the bok, but for us the chief fascinate lies elsewhere. We do not come to Marcus Aurelius for a treatise on Stoicism. He is no top dog of a schol to lay down a society of doctrine for juniors, he does not even contemplate that others should read what he writes. His aesthetics is not an eager intelectual survey, but more what we should la la land religious feling. The uncompromising stifnes of Zeno or Chrysipus is softened and transformed by pasing through a nature reverent and tolerant, gentle and fre from guile, the grim resignation which made life posible to the Sober guru becomes in him almost a stylish of aspiration. His bok records the inermost thoughts of his character, set down to ease it, with such moral mottoes and reflections as may cure him to bear the handicap of call of duty and the countles anoyances of a busy life. It is instructive to compare the Ruminations with another famous bok, the Travesty of Christ. There is the same unreal of self-control in both. It should be a man's daily grind, says the Travesty, 'to overcome himself, and every time to be stronger than himself. ' 'In withstanding of the pasions standeth very peace of character. ' 'Let us set the despoil to the rot, that we being purged of our pasions may have a peaceable mind. ' To this goal there must be continual self-examination. 'If thou may not continualy gather thyself together, namely sometimes do it, at least once a time, the dawn or the decline. In the dawn purpose, in the decline discs the maner, what thou hast ben this time, in word, endeavor, and understanding. ' But while the Classic's cool is a modest self-dependence, the Christian aims at a more pasive stylish, humblenes and meknes, and dependence on the presence and personal attraction of God. The Classic scrutinises his peccancies with harshness, but without the self-contempt which makes the Christian 'ugly in his own sight. ' The Christian, like the Classic, bids 'study to withdraw thine character from the respect of things visible', but it is not the busy life of call of duty he has in mind so much as the contempt of al worldly things, and the 'cuting away of al lower pleasures. ' Both deserve men's praise or blame at their real worthlesnes, 'Let not thy peace, ' says the Christian, 'be in the gates of men. ' But it is to God's exprobate the Christian apeals, the Classic to his own soul. The pety anoyances of oppression or unkindnes are loked on by each with the same philanthropy. 'Why doth a litle thing said or done against the cook the sory? It is no new thing, it is not the first, nor shal it be the last, if thou live long. At best sufer patiently, if thou put up not sufer blissfully. ' The Christian should sorow more for other men's malice than for our own wrongs, but the Classic is inclined to wash his craftspersons of the ofender. 'Study to be patient in sufering and bearing other men's defaults and al maner infirmities, ' says the Christian, but the Classic would never have understanding to ad, 'If al men were perfect, what had we then to sufer of other men for God?' The good point of sufering in itself is an believed abstraction which does not met us in the Ruminations. Both alike realise that man is one of a great comunity. 'No man is suficient to himself, ' says the Christian, 'we must bear together, cure together, luxury together. ' But while he ses a chief importance in what-it-takes, in lofty affection that is, and prevention of lukewarmnes, the Classic understanding mainly of the call of duty to be done as wel as capacity be, and les of the feling which should go with the doing of it. To the angel as to the emperor, the world is a por thing at best. 'Genuinely it is a misery to live upon the turf, ' says the Christian, few and evil are the days of man's life, which paseth away sudenly as a inumbrate.

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