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Esperanza Rising PDF book download gratuit

Esperanza Rising PDF book download gratuit

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Descriere de la o altă ediție sau format:Esperanza Ortega poseses al the treasures a young girl could want: fancy dreses, a beautiful home filed with assistants in the ample region of Aguascalientes, Mexico, and the guarantee of one day rising to Female’s position and presiding over al of Elevated railway Rancho de las Rosas. But a suden tragedy shaters that dream, forcing Esperanza and Female to fle to Golden poppy state and setle in a Mexican orchard labor camp.  There they confront the chalenges of hard work, aceptance by their own populations, and economic dificulties brought on by the Great Depresion.   When Female fals il from Valey Fever and a register for beter engaged conditions threatens to uprot their new life, Esperanza must relinquish her hold on the past and learn to embrace a future ripe with the riches of clan and comunity.

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Esperanza Rising


"the medication may have lifted the depression, but instead of allowing me to connect with the world it has surrounded me in another kind of fog. Most of the time, I am simply numb. Everything feels flat, as if I'm living in some uninflected world without substance, depth, or meaning...It's as though a valve inside of me has been turned almost shut, reducing my emotions to a slow trickle, where they once burst forth in a powerful flood." (85). ________________________________________________________________ "The Prozac had simply stopped working..."As fast as Prozac had once, like a sexy firefighter, doused the flames of pain, the flames now flared up, angrier than ever, and my potent pill could do nothng to quell the conflagration." (92). _________________________________________________________________ "The symptoms used to assess depression include decreased energy, poor performance, and changes in sleep, appetite, and activity level. The emphasis is on physical, behavioural symptos rather than emotional states. These checklists take what are essentially psychological conditions and define them as though they were merely physical symptoms rather than viewing the physical symptoms as merely manifestations of a psychological state. In the process, the forest is lost for the trees. Any attempt to help patients understand themselves and to effect real change is lost in the rush to diagnose and medicate them"(194). __________________________________________________________________ Finally, these drugs can have a mood-brightening effect. They make some people feel less irritable, better able to tolerate the bumps and scrapes of life, more tolerant, even "complacent." In light of the hype surrounding the drugs, many patients are surprised to find that they are not really "happy pills" -- few people feel that their mood is constantly buoyed by them. When patients on these drugs do feel sad, however, they are less vulnerable to suden or dramatically plummeting moods. It is as though the drug puts a floor under them, holding them up, limiting how far their mood can slide. (pg. 213) __________________________________________________________________ "when you can't express feelings, you eventually lose touch with them. You don't even know you have them. But human emotions don't just go away. Forced underground, they follow twisted, circuitous paths and pop bac up again as psychological symptoms" (267). ___________________________________________________________________ "Reflecting on his life, Dan thought the constant upheavals and threats as a child had left him with a profound sense of instability and unreliability."

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